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Whether you are vaping for enjoyment or to kick your cigarette habit, The Haven Smoke Shop has the gear you need and the products you simply have to try.

Searching for an old favorite? Looking to expand your horizons and try something new in your vaporizer? We carry a wide selection of e-liquids in every flavor and concentration so that you are sure to find the one for you at any of our Lansing-area locations. We even offer samples!

Whether you need a new e-coil or battery or you want to get a whole new vaporizer, we can help you find the perfect device for you. From portable vaporizers to pen vaporizers, our staff understand the amazing technology behind this booming hobby. And we offer 90-day warranties on every vaporizer we sell.

Have you tried to stop smoking the old fashioned way, either cold turkey or with nicotine patches or gum, but with no success? Why not try vaping? The widespread news is true: it really does work to stop smoking. And The Haven Smoke Shop offers e-liquids at every nicotine concentration to gradually wean you off cigarettes for good.

Jump into the growing trend. Stop by any of The Haven Smoke Shop locations and check out our e-liquids and vaporizers today!